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OR Towels

Clean up your operating table, tools, and equipment using OR towels. These absorbent towels are designed to handle bodily fluids and chemical spills, and they are sturdy enough to hold up to vigorous scrubbing. Choose disposable or reusable towels to meet the specific needs of your medical facility.

Impressive Absorbency
OR towels made of 100 percent cotton soak up liquids quickly and efficiently, making it easy to dry off a surgical tray, wipe down tools after a post-surgery soak in cleaning fluid, cover patient skin around a surgical site, or clean up a spill in the operating room. Latex-free towels ensure patient and staff comfort, and they can be used everywhere from maternity wards to outpatient dermatology clinics. Larger towels can be placed under a patient during a procedure to soak up bodily fluids released during surgery.

Disposable Operating Towels
When you're trying to maintain sterile conditions in your operating room, disposable OR towels come in handy. Because they are sterile when you open the package, these OR towels don't introduce any unwanted germs into the surgical theater. With disposable towels, there is no need to arrange for laundering and storage, as you can simply toss the used towels into your medical waste container to get rid of them after use.

Reusable Convenience
Reusable OR towels are an economical option for situations in which you don't need completely new towels every time. By using towels more than once, you send less waste to landfills and reaffirm your commitment to being an environmentally friendly medical facility, and they are easy to disinfect using sterilization wrappers and a steam sterilizer. Low-lint towels keep surfaces free of annoying fabric debris, making post-operation cleanup easier on your staff.

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