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Griddles, Grills & Waffle Makers

Reliable and ConvenientGriddles, grills, and wafflemakers make it easy to whip up your favorite dishes whether you are at home or at work. These cooking tools often come in gas and electric varieties, letting you easily choose the right device for the job. Reliable cooking tools let you prepare food for guests in minutes.

Nonstick Surfaces
Modern griddles, grills and wafflemakers have nonstick surfaces that keep food from becoming attached and burning. This can eliminate smoke from overcooked batter or foods and makes cleanup far quicker. Using nonstick surfaces also ensures that you can flip eggs or pancakes with ease.

Quickly Prepare Meals
These versatile tools all offer fast meal preparation. Quickly whip up pancakes for an office breakfast or cook eggs to start the morning at home. For a delicious office treat, pick one of the best available coffee makers to pair a freshly brewed drink with fresh waffles and eggs before your next morning meeting.

Portable Design
Many griddles and grills are easy to carry between the office and home, and some work especially well for camping. Electric wafflemakers are suitable for use in almost any indoor environment where an outlet is available, and gas-based varieties provide an excellent option for outdoor business events and celebrations or family outings.

Large Cooking Areas
Griddles and grills with large cooking areas work well for office kitchens and sizable families. Larger cooking areas translate to quick cooking for multiple diners, allowing you to prepare batters or meat and then cook large batches for your guests. Wafflemakers with multiple heating plates are equally useful for large gatherings.

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