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Water Filters & Dispensers

A key element in many company cafeterias and break rooms, water dispensers provide an easy and affordable way to keep everyone properly hydrated throughout the day. Many of these devices can cool and heat the water, which makes them an ideal solution for both hot and cold days. Frequently found in regular households, water filters eliminate impurities from tap water and work especially well for customers looking for economical filtration solutions. Some of the best water filters not only cleanse water and make it safer to drink but also improve its overall taste. Bottled water dispensers remain one of the most convenient appliances for use at homes and businesses, as they can help eliminate the need for tap water altogether.

Extensive Variety

A wide variety of water dispensers is available from well-known brands such as Honeywell, Pur, Brita and Sunbeam. Many units come in a range of finishes and colors, which makes them easy to fit into any preexisting office decor. Suitable for use in larger work areas, freestanding coolers typically hold enough drinking water for several days. Basic water filters made for mounting onto regular kitchen faucets are easy to install and ensure healthier and better-tasting drinking water by reducing the levels of chlorine and lead. These home water filters remain one of the most affordable and hassle-free solutions suitable for daily use. Customers can also choose from a range of tabletop water dispensers, ideal for use in both households and smaller offices with limited space for large appliances.

Easy Maintenance

Whether top- or bottom-loading, most freestanding water dispensers feature a simple design made for easy maintenance. Bottleless water coolers deliver healthier water and help save time and money in the long run, as they eliminate the need to purchase replacement jugs or sign up for pricey water delivery services. Attached to your home or business water supply, all these units generally require is the regular replacement of water filters, which remove various microscopic impurities. The best water filters also eliminate the unpleasant taste associated with chlorine and other chemicals often used by municipal treatment facilities. Bottled water dispensers work well for users who prefer the quality and taste of store-bought water and anyone else looking to equip an RV or boat with a portable and easy-to-maintain device.

Better for Your Health

Freestanding or countertop, easily accessible water dispensers help encourage everyone to drink more water and stay sufficiently hydrated throughout those busy days at school, office or home. On-tap water filters provide another method of getting better-tasting water and provide a solid solution for users dealing with heavily chlorinated drinking supplies. A variety of discount water filters and filtration systems allow customers with limited budgets to enjoy cleaner and healthier water in a manner that significantly lower their carbon footprint.
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