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Entertain and educate guests and workers with TVs installed in your restaurant, retail store, or break room. Televisions from Samsung, Supersonic, and Naxa deliver high-quality images and reliable performance. Models with integrated DVD players and stereo speakers enhance the viewing experience.

Entertain Customers
TVs installed in your restaurant or bar help you attract customers and keep them in their seats longer with live-broadcast games, popular movies, and current news programs. Hospitality businesses live up to customer expectations by providing TVs with remote controls and channel-search capabilities in each hotel or conference room, while service businesses use TVs to keep customers calm in waiting rooms. Televisions in your break room make employees happy during lunch breaks, while portable TVs are simple to transport and use off-site.

Deliver Important Information
Place TVs in meeting spaces throughout your corporate campus to make conducting regular video-based training simple, or play motivational videos throughout the day to get your sales force excited about reaching its goals. Televisions installed at strategic points in a public facility impart detailed information about exhibits on display. Pair your TVs with DVD and Blu-ray players to get complete control over information dissemination within your company.

Display Promotional Signage
Use TVs on walls and kiosks throughout your retail store to display promotional signage that guides customers toward high-value items and to play short commercials that introduce new products or services in an unobtrusive way. Sensors that monitor ambient light conditions help ensure gorgeous images in any room, while sturdy mounts keep your TV securely in place. Install a flat-screen TV directly onto your wall to keep the unit safe from accidental bumps and jostles.

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