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Surgical Drapes & Covers

Surgical covers and drapes help protect patient safety while safeguarding health care professionals by helping to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission.

Protect Medical Instruments
Medical devices serve many functions, but surgical drapes for medical instruments serve one function to protect valuable devices. Safety is the utmost concern for medical professionals, which is why it is vital to protect invaluable medical instrumentation from harmful pathogens. Surgical covers protect equipment including surgical video cameras, x-ray cassettes, and tables. Surgical equipment requires protection that is just as specialized as its function, which is why specially-outfitted covers need to protect the unique contours of precise equipment.

Protection for Specific Surgical Procedures
Demanding conditions require protection that promotes optimal performance. Meet the special needs of diverse medical procedures with surgical drapes that are crafted for unique uses. Cardiovascular procedures require drapes that have a high barrier strength, whereas obstetrics procedures require efficient fluid collection. While both varieties are latex free, and made with SMS fabric, drapes for cardiovascular operations have to be heavy duty, whereas drapes for lithotomy must be flame resistant for use near lasers.

Universal Systems for Multiple Uses
Draping systems need to remain flexible for use in practices that perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. When the clinician requires procedural accessories that are essential for a myriad of minor procedures, surgical cases supply the necessities. Universal kits include a mayo stand cover, a table cover, a raglan gown with a towel, a suture bag, and bottom, top, and side drapes with adhesive. From simple UP covers and fenestrated drapes, to basic linen sheets, each drape and cover style varies in complexity to meet the demands of diverse medical procedures.

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