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Surgical Prep Solutions & Applicators

Prepare your patients for surgical procedures with surgical prep solutions and applicators. Gently clean the skin in the area of interest with safe, hygienic formulas. Stock up on easy-to-use applicators and bottles of prep solution to ensure sanitary conditions during every operation you perform.

Effective Cleaning
Surgical prep solutions and applicators effectively clean off the skin surface to prepare it for an operation. Antiseptic ingredients kill germs on contact, leaving the skin free of infectious agents, and prep formulas continue to work throughout the procedure so any organisms introduced from the environment don't get into the wound to create problems during the healing process. Latex-free formulas and containers are safe for patients with latex allergies.

Easy Application
Pop-open tops make it easy to dispense surgical prep solution with just one hand, and the viscosity of these formulas lets you pour out just enough fluid without any accidental spilling or splashing. Use surgical fluid applicators to scrub the skin and encourage deeper penetration, reducing the risk of bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. Bottles of prep fluid and applicators are easy to handle even while wearing surgical gloves.

Convenient Bulk Packs
Buy surgical prep solutions and applicators in bulk so you always have a bottle of solution handy during emergency procedures. Individual bottles hold enough fluid to prevent you from running out even with generous use, and they are small enough to place a few in each operating room or medical office in a large facility. Durable equipment stands make it easy to keep prep solutions and applicators within easy reach during an operation.

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