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Laminating Supplies

Use laminating supplies to protect and preserve degrees, permits, and licenses that you need to display or that pass through many hands. Laminate mementos such as newspaper clippings of important personal or historical events. For quick jobs, choose convenient self-adhesive laminating sheets.

For quick ID badges for your employees, guests, or conference speakers and attendees, use thermal pouches with compatible laminators. Laminated ID badges enable quick identification and enhance professional communication. For individual jobs such as renewed licenses or meeting instructions, use self-adhesive sheets that instantly achieve a clean, professional looking, making your documents easy to read and free from smudging or tearing no matter how often they are handled. Larger-sized menu laminating sheets let you quickly protect new menus from moisture, food spills, stains, and tearing. For larger jobs, make sure to stock up on laminating rolls and adhesive cartridges.

To preserve precious memories in the form handwritten letters or notes, photographs, ticket stubs, and newspaper clippings, self-adhesive laminating sheets are easy to use, durable, and moisture resistant. To add flair to your collection of memories, use art supplies that best suit your scrapbooking technique and style. Laminate holiday recipes so that they can be confidently pulled out and used year after year.

Instructions that are needed for various periods or outside, such as PE classes, can be protected and kept readable for every class with laminate sheets. Different sizes allow you to use these sheets for a variety of purposes, such as for inspirational proverbs or poems to hang in the classroom or for learning cards that will be constantly handled by many students and tutors.

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