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Switch Accessories

Network & Ethernet switch accessories let you expand the functionality of your networking switches so you can do more. Add a RAM module to your switch to ensure it can handle the increased demand on you network, or use an SFP transceiver to convert fiber-optic signals into a medium your switch can understand. You can also add a PoE injector to ensure your devices are powered via your switch.

Extra Memory
When your switch gets slow, add extra memory to it so it can handle the increased demand. Choose the right RAM for your system whether it's a Cisco 3800 router or a Juniper SSG5 model. They're easy to install too; just open up the device and slot it in with minimal fuss. RAM modules ensure your system can keep on going.

SFP Transceivers
When you have an optical network, you need a method of turning that signal into a form your switch can understand. SFP transceivers convert that signal, and they ensure very little signal speed is lost. Choose a hot-swappable one for the ultimate in convenience. If you have an ultrafast network, look for one that offers 10GBASE-T, as this will allow you to utilize your 10 Gb network.

All the modules in the world aren't much use unless you have the right cables to go with them. Connect your SFP modules with SFP cables, or use Cat5 cables with RJ-45 connectors to connect up your switches to various accessories, such as network attached storage devices or other switches. If your network needs a complete overhaul, get a new network switch instead.

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