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Tablets & iPads

Tablets and E-readers put the power of the written word in the palm of your hands. These small computers allow you to read your favorite books as you travel or connect to the Internet for quick collaboration and communication. The wide selection makes it easy to pick the right tool for you.

Portable Entertainment
Modern tablets feature a variety of programs and applications that allow you to enjoy streaming videos or files stored on flash media. E-readers allow you to download or store your favorite books or important work documents for later reading. Advanced versions of both allow you to edit documents or markup virtual books with your own notes and highlights.

Easy Reading
Modern portable devices let you easily view the screen from any angle. Specialized displays let you enjoy text that looks as clean as it would on printed paper when using E-readers and video in high-definition on tablet computers. For a comfortable way to use your tablets and E-readers at home or on your commute, check out a quality lap desk.

Online Access
Tablets and E-readers often feature online access that makes it easy to stream media or download new books and newspapers to read. This gives you access to written materials created and distributed worldwide, allowing you to keep up on current events and the newest releases from your favorite authors. Online access also allows you to chat and collaborate with friends and coworkers using some devices.

Expandable Storage
Portable devices feature expandable storage that let you add or remove cards filled with your favorite media. Swap to high-density cards filled with photos of friends or family or change book collections easily using expandable media storage.


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