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Transparent Tape

Whether you're wrapping presents or sealing packages or envelopes, tape and dispensers make packing items away simple and convenient. Use invisible tape to prevent tears in important documents from being visible when copied. Use transparent tape with writable surfaces to label items for filing.

Simplify Small Jobs
Use tape and dispensers to speed up the job of securing small envelopes heading to the mail room. Choose tape from Scotch in small, easy-to-manage rolls that come with their own dispensers, or select refill packs with multiple rolls that work with desktop tape dispensers to simplify the stocking of your supply closet. These small rolls are perfect at the office for repairing tears in important documents and at home for wrapping gifts and resealing opened packages.

Perfect for Professional Use
Choose tape and dispensers suitable for the packing process to ensure shipping boxes are secure before they head out of your facility. Duct tape lets you combine items together in industrial environments, and waterproof varieties provide an extra level of security. Masking tapes help you block off areas to avoid when you're painting, allowing decorators to combine colors quickly for a more cohesive look, and electrical tapes let you segregate and organize wiring with ease.

Professional and Fashion Dispensers
Thanks to a wide array of dispensers, which range from fun and funky to sleek and traditional, you can select tape and dispensers that best fit your personal and professional needs. Discover fashionable dispensers to match the unique style of your home office, including dispensers shaped like cocktails or dog and cat dispensers that show off your love for animals. Traditional dispensers are available in monochrome shades of black, white, and gray, or you can add a blast of color to your desk with red, blue, and green dispensers.

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