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Security Mirrors

Security Mirrors - Prevent Losses Due to Theft - Use security mirrors to monitor blind spots in your warehouse or store to keep an eye on guests, employees, or customers. These mirrors also allow you to keep an eye on entrances and exits for security purposes. Hanging these mirrors helps you keep an eye on inventory to prevent theft.

Loss Prevention
Security mirrors allow you to keep an eye on aisles in your store or areas of your warehouse that aren't otherwise easily visible. This allows you to keep a safe distance while still monitoring employees or customers for any kind of suspicious activity, especially theft that can lead to big financial losses. The mirrors don't require wiring and are easy to install with just a few tools and hardware, making them an excellent economical investment.

A Mirror for Every Need
There are many type of security mirrors available depending on your needs and the size of the area you wish to monitor. Full-dome mirrors allow for 360-degree viewing of an area to give you a view from almost any angle, while half-dome mirrors provide you with 180-degree viewing and can be installed flush against walls. Round mirrors are adjustable rather than static, giving you lots of viewing options.

Theft Deterrent
Besides providing you with a way to monitor employees or customers for theft, security mirrors also act as a deterrent. When a thief sees these domed mirrors, they may think they are being recorded by security cameras and might think twice before trying to get away with any of your merchandise. This prevents a potentially costly act from happening, ensuring the safety of your employees and inventory.

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