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Tea from brands like Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo, and others make a great addition to your break room beverage options. The subtle energy boost from caffeinated tea helps keep your staff focused and productive. Whether brewed or herbal, your employees will appreciate the increased variety.

Healthy to Drink
Tea is well known for its health benefits. Studies show some varieties may help with cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. With little or no sugar and less caffeine than coffee, tea truly is an ideal beverage choice for office staff. Giving your employees healthy options helps them to be happier, safer, and more productive.

Convenient to Brew
With today's modern technology, brewing a perfect cup of tea has never been easier. Choose from a variety of delivery options including tea bags, cans, bottles, and K-cups. A full range of brands including Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo, Cafe Escapes, Snapple, and Twinings, offer K-cup servings that go right into a Keurig coffee makers for maximum convenience. Just place the K-Cup into the machine, set it to brew, and then throw the K-Cup away when it's done. 

Variety of Flavors
The variety of available tea flavors really stands out in the beverage world. Choose from chamomile tea, black tea, sweet tea, green tea, honey lemon ginseng, chai latte, English breakfast, and a variety of fruit flavors. Choose caffeinated options for those employees who need an extra boost, and decaffeinated options for others who just want to enjoy the taste. Brew it up hot for a soothing morning drink, or enjoy it ice cold — either way it is delicious.
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