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Gaming Centers & Desks

Gaming computer desks hold larger computers, laptops and accessories to help gamers access the tools they need when they play. Enjoy multiple monitor setups with a tiered gaming desk, or choose a flat desk for laptop use. No matter what kind of desk setup you prefer, Staples has a variety of options for avid gamers.

Choose the Right Gaming Computer Desk
Multilayer and tiered desks have a number of levels where monitors can be mounted. For example, a computer desk with a right-hand raised level might suit left-handed gamers who want to use a mouse to the left of their keyboards.

Benefits of Gaming Desk Storage Solutions
Gaming desks have storage for accessories and games. Drawers hold games and controllers for emulator programs, and they keep extra mice, headphones and other accessories out of sight. Gaming desks have CPU storage space, so a large desktop tower has its own shelf for easy access. Shelving to the side or behind the monitor makes space for CDs, DVDs and other multimedia items. Cord holes cut into the desk keep wires out of sight and free of tangles. A keyboard tray puts keyboards at the right level for gaming while the monitor sits on the desktop. Extra storage on the side of the desk provides space for gaming magazines or cheat code sheets. Some desks have built-in drink holders to keep you fueled during long raids.

What Color Gaming Desk Should You Choose?
While your gaming style is an important factor to consider when choosing a desk, it also has to look right in your home; wood and glass options match various styles of home decor. Maple, pine, oak and walnut-toned desks look good in traditional homes or offices. White and black desks add a stark contrast to living spaces or bedrooms. Glass desks match any room and blend in to look like they take up less space.

What's the Difference Between a Traditional Desk and Gaming Desk?
Traditional desks used as gaming desks provide few benefits specifically for gamers. Gamers need multitier desks to support multiple monitors and system layouts. Corner desks with tiers fit into smaller spaces while providing more room for larger computer setups. L-shaped desks make room for more than one computer system, so gaming duos have space to play together. Gaming desks have more storage space than a traditional desk, and the absence of hutches means monitors can stand tall without having to fit into a tight space.

Some gaming desks have components that hold controllers, CDs, DVDs, headphones and other accessories within easy reach while also keeping them organized while out in the open. Other gaming desks provide extra storage space in drawers or on multiple shelves near the desktop tower, so systems plug directly in without long cables. Cable management options, such as holes where wires pass through the desk or clips to hold wires out of the way, make gaming desks more organized than simple writing desks.

Gaming computer desks offer players the space they need for a high-end setup or custom rig. Staples has a variety of options for your gaming center.
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