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Cannulas & Tubing

Use cannulas and tubing to deliver a constant flow of oxygen to your patients. Cannulas are designed either for short-term or long-term use. Made from flexible and durable polyethylene, cannulas and tubing can be used by patients in any care situation requiring additional oxygen support.

Cannulas are available in curved and straight designs to provide options for the best fit, either by wrapping the tubing around the head and behind the ears or laying it flat across the face and bed. Lightweight and flexible, oxygen tubing lets patients receive a constant flow of oxygen without sacrificing mobility. Clear latex-free plastic tubing is safe and hypoallergenic.

Curved or Straight Nasal Flanges
Patients who require prolonged oxygen support may develop soreness and irritation in the nasal cavity from the pressure of the cannula. Narrow, curved nasal flanges rest comfortably into the patient's nasal passage providing constant oxygen flow while minimizing irritation to the sensitive skin. Straight and wide nasal flanges are preferable in some situations, thus the plastic material is flexible for a soft and secure positioning, reducing irritation to soft tissues.

Crush-resistant Plastic
Oxygen-dependent patients, and their care providers, count on a stable flow of oxygen for adequate treatment and recovery. Both nasal and tracheostomy cannulas and tubing are manufactured from durable, crush-resistant plastic to ensure an unobstructed flow of air. Low-memory material resists kinking and knots in sections where tubing may become wrapped around or pinched between hospital equipment.

Available in lengths ranging from 4 to 10 feet, cannula tubing works with most hospital oxygen administration systems. Standard connection types allow for various models of tubing and cannulas to work together without sacrificing flow pressure.

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