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When you need an accurate reading of the temperature on your industrial job, check out these different thermometers. The small, handheld devices can be carried with you wherever your next project is. There are also different types of personal thermometers available, so you can check someone's temperature at the office or in a hospital.

Thermometers for Industrial Jobs
With several infrared thermometers available, we help you find the right one for that next construction gig. Powered by batteries and featuring an LCD display, these devices include an electronic trigger that'll give you a continuous temperature reading.

Available for Personal Use
Oral thermometers are great for checking to see if you have the cold or flu. These reusable, latex-free devices are small enough to be stored in your office.

Strips also Available
If you're in need of a quick temperature scan before a meeting, there are forehead thermometer strips that will give you a reading. Just apply one to your skin, and it'll give you a reading on your current body heat.
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