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Testers and Indicators

Testers and indicators from brands such as Gardner Bender, Ideal, Klein Tools offer convenient and accurate readings of electrical voltage in batteries, electrical panels, and circuits. Get the job done at home or at the office by checking circuits quickly and safely for shorts and outages.

Non-Contact Voltage Detectors
Measure voltage safely in wiring, outlets, and fixtures using a non-contact voltage detector before beginning work on your next electrical project. Safely work with electrical circuitry and outlets. Test to determine how much voltage is running through wiring or into a fixture. Minimize your own contact with dangerous electricity by testing before you start.

Continuity and Battery Testers
Find out if a circuit is broken or interrupted without turning on the power using a continuity tester. This tester helps you determine if and where you have a short so you can fix it quickly. Measure battery voltage and identify dead batteries with battery testers that check multiple batteries at once. A battery tester can also be used to check if rechargeable batteries are holding a charge.

Portable and Convenient
Bring your compact tester with you for projects on the go. Conveniently store and transport your tester in a tool bag or belt along with everything else you need. Most testers are handheld and portable for easy storage and use.

Test Circuits, Outlets, and More
Check for electrical shorts, measure voltage, and troubleshoot electrical problems in automotive circuits, home and office outlets, wiring, and other electrical circuitry. Use a tester to safely and effectively look for and solve electrical problems wherever they might arise.

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