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Gaming Centers & Desks

PC gamers spend a lot of time at the computer. As with any activity that necessitates extended periods of time sitting in front of a screen, ergonomics is a factor. It's important that the chair and desk are comfortable, stylish and functional. Gaming computer desks are designed specifically to meet the needs of gamers.

Look for Optimal Comfort

A gaming desk should be chosen with comfort in mind. There are many ergonomic aspects to consider to prevent fatigue and strain. The desk's height should provide plenty of leg clearance and should allow the chair to be pulled all the way in as well. Its top or keyboard tray should be at fingertip level when the elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle, the correct posture for typing. Desks between 29 and 30 inches tall are a good height for most people. Desks with adjustable legs are preferable, but not always available. Gamers under 5 feet, 5 inches or over 6 feet tall will be more comfortable at a desk sized for them.

Placement of gaming accessories is another factor in overall comfort. Monitors should be at eye level and placed at least an arm's length from the user. Extra-large monitors should be positioned further away, calling for a deeper desk. Keyboard trays help prevent fatigue and should be wide enough to hold both the mouse and keyboard.

Choose the Right Style

Desks for gaming are available in a number of styles. An L-shaped desk provides the most desktop space, accommodating the monitor and keyboard on one side, with space for work or projects on the other. Corner desks are space savers and also offer dual work spaces. Rolling, standing or portable desks are convenient for use with a laptop. 

Desks with aluminum or steel frames typically have a sleek, modern style. They're lighter weight than wood and may be adjustable. Most metal frames are powder coated for a durable finish. Wooden desks offer a classic look and are often deeper and wider than metal desks. Solid wood is the most durable option, and composite is more budget friendly. Laminate tops are tough and clean up easily. Glass tops are scratch resistant and attractive.

Gaming Desks Put the Fun in Function

Storage is a consideration when setting up a gaming station. A gaming computer desk should have room for a tower, PC components and gaming accessories. Some desks include side racks for storing discs and other necessities. Standard rectangular wooden desks often feature drawers and cabinets on the underside. Corner and metal desks may provide shelves and bins above the desk top. For those with many components, gaming towers and storage hubs offer a solution. 

Some desks offer convenience features that make gaming more enjoyable. Built-in cup holders keep beverages safe and prevent accidental spills. Cord and wire ports help prevent tangles and tripping hazards. Slide-out keyboard trays clear up space on the desk top and provide more versatility for accommodating various users. Storage spaces specifically for controllers, head phones and other gaming accessories keep clutter off the desktop and keep components organized. Computer gaming desks are designed to meet a gamer's needs.

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