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Thermal Fax Paper Rolls

Use this high quality thermal fax paper rolls to eliminate the need for costly inks and toners with less wasted paper. This selection of thermal paper is easy to tear and creates a crisp, clear image. Choose from brands such as Staples and Brother.

Green Friendly
Thermal fax paper rolls eliminates excess paper waste by printing just what you need every time, and is quick and easy to install and replace. Choose from any size roll of thermal paper, which allows you to print less than one page without wasting expensive printer paper. Take your business in a green direction with high-quality thermal paper that prints clear, concise faxes.

Money Saver
Put your funds towards something other than just ink and toner for your fax machine. Thermal paper completely eliminates the need for expensive inks and toners by printing images and text with heat. With professional-quality printing and durable paper construction, there's no need to invest in expensive printer paper, especially if your company depends on receiving faxed orders or printing receipts on a daily basis. You can store this paper in any position, so there's no need to purchase additional storage for your fax paper. 

From receiving faxes to photo copying, this thermal paper does it all. Orders received via fax can be stored for months without fading or distorting, so you never lose legibility or sacrifice quality. Print receipts and receive orders with clear, professional quality that will impress both your employees and your customers. This wide selection of thermal paper is also great for personal use.
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