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Get instant and accurate temperature readings when you use thermometers at home with your loved ones or in a medical office with your patients. Available in different designs, thermometers come in rectal, ear, and other styles that are suitable for babies, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Versatile Designs
Select different designs to work with the preferences of your family or your patients. Rectal thermometers are best for those who cannot hold a thermometer in their mouths. You can also find thermometers that go under the tongue, in the ear, or on the head to take an accurate reading of an individual's temperature.

Fast and Instant
Cut down on the time that patients spend with a nurse taking his or her vital signs with a thermometer that offers a fast and near instant reading. Some designs will give you a reading in less than 60 seconds, while other designs can give you a reading in just 30 seconds.

Protect Users
Use thermometer covers to protect your patients or loved ones and to keep diseases from spreading. The covers slip over the probe on the thermometer, and you can throw away the cover after using it. You can also use alcohol pads to kill germs and clean the thermometer in between uses.

For All Ages
Thermometers come in designs that are suitable for all ages. Use pacifier thermometers with babies and small children, or select thermometers that incorporate cartoon characters and animals for older kids. Temple thermometers, which you place on the temple, is a suitable choice for those who can't use the other designs.

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