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Laptop Docking Stations

Add these laptop docking stations and accessories to your collection to make your laptop more versatile. Many of these pieces take up little space, allowing you to tuck them away in a drawer or cabinet when not in use without cluttering your storage area.

Display Stands
These convenient stands hold your laptop or tablet at the perfect angle for ease of use, and they are compatible with a range of products. A laptop stand provides structure and elevates the piece, making it ideal for use when standing. Tablet stands provide a sturdy base that holds the tablet upright, so you are free to use the tablet screen without using a hand to hold it steady.

Cooling Pads
Laptops are prone to overheating, so use a dedicated cooling pad to keep the device's temperature in check. These pads help the temperature stay in an acceptable range by improving airflow, reducing the risk of internal components being damaged by high temperatures.

USB Power
Laptop docking stations and related accessories often use a USB connection with your laptop to get power. This means you do not need to seek out a separate electrical outlet, freeing you to work anywhere. USB power also uses shorter cables, so they are easy to hide away and do not clutter the area.

Some laptop docking stations feature adjustable components that make using them more comfortable. Adjust tilt and height to get your favorite angle on the screen and prevent neck strain. These options are good for stations used by multiple people, since each person can quickly and easily adjust to suit his needs.

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