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Tie Wire

Tie wire is the multifunctional fastener and connector that helps you complete indoor and outdoor DIY jobs. Made of steel with a stainless or black annealed finish, tie wire fastens items together with a more permanent connection than can be created with plastic ties. The wire is available in 14-, 16-, and 18-gauge thickness, so you can pick the wire with the strength that will best suit your needs.

Tie wire can be used for various projects around the workplace. Once you've bundled a group of items with tie wire, you can be sure that they'll stay bundled until you release the tie using the right tool.

Useful Packaging
Choose a roll or a spool when selecting tie wire for projects around the workplace. The spools come in 2 to 5 lb weights and can be placed in a tie-wire reel for easy dispensing.

Strong Enough for the Job
Tie wire comes in sizes up to 18 gauge, so you can feel confident that the wire is strong enough to handle heavy items. Add a wire cutter to your equipment collection to make it easy to cut the wire into useable sections.
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