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Time Clock Ribbons & Batteries

Allow your employees to punch in and out on time using convenient time clock ribbons and batteries. Each one helps your machine run efficiently so you can track hours accurately. Choose the best products for your time clock from trusted brands such as Pyramid Technologies, Acroprint, and Lathem.

Efficient Performance
Each of these time clock ribbons and batteries is designed specifically for one or more time clock models, so you can rest assured that the replacement you choose will work efficiently. The ribbons work seamlessly with your device's inner mechanisms to provide smooth performance. Use replacement batteries to provide a steady stream of power and to ensure accuracy.

Easy to Install
Installing these time clock ribbons and batteries is a breeze — simply line up the notches, and pop the item in. Each ribbon and battery locks into place firmly, preventing the vibrations and movements that can cause unsteady prints. Most models can be installed in minutes without the use of special tools or hardware, so you can get your time clock up and running quickly.

Crisp, Clear Stamps
Replacement ribbons are fully saturated with ink, ensuring that each of your time clock stamps is ready to print. They are designed to create crisp text that is easy to read, boosting payroll accuracy. Ribbons come in two-color and one-color options for your convenience.

Long-Lasting and Durable
Many of these ribbons are spooled around a sturdy plastic frame that is designed to withstand the stresses of normal operation. Each one is structurally sound, so it holds its shape and ensures high performance until the ribbon runs dry.

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