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Toaster Ovens

Toasters and convection ovens are a smart addition to the office break room, letting employees prepare meals and snacks quickly so they can get back to work. Devices such as countertop convection ovens simplify lunchtime without taking up much space, and attractive styles are available that are appropriate for all types of decor. Choose models made by the best toaster brands to take advantage of cutting-edge features and designs.

Attractive Designs
Toasters and convection ovens are available in a broad range of finishes, including shiny chrome, rich red and traditional black and white. Leverless toasters offer a contemporary aesthetic with their digital displays and push-button adjustments, while retro-style convection ovens add interest to any space but still feature the latest technologies for convenience. Toasters and convection ovens with plastic exteriors boast a classic look, and some are built to stay cool to the touch for safety.

Space-Conscious Construction
When selecting the best toaster or countertop convection oven for a break room or lunch area, size and capacity are important considerations. Two-slice toasters offer a small footprint, but four-slice toasters allow for faster food preparation; some even have extra-large slots to accommodate bagels and artisan breads. Convection ovens with multiple racks make it simple to heat up a few personal pizzas at breaktime, and broiler-top versions are particularly versatile. Opt for a convection oven with a heated top that can keep food warm while maximizing the available counter space.

Technologically Advanced Features
Cutting-edge technology makes toasters and convection ovens versatile culinary tools that are equally useful in a home or office kitchen. Digital timers and LED screens simplify time management and help ensure that food isn't overcooked; contemporary devices also offer illuminated buttons for simple feature selection as well as settings for both frozen and fresh bread. Convection ovens with tempered glass doors make it easy to monitor meals as they cook, and they are available in a wide range of wattages appropriate for everything from warming leftovers to roasting a chicken.
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