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Traffic Signs & Cones

Make sure dangerous areas, such as wet floors or spills, are easy to spot and avoid by using these caution materials. Traffic signs and cones to designate reserved areas are also available, so guests and workers know important information. These materials are quick to install and easy to use.

Easy to See
Brightly colored caution tape catches the eye and forces people to pay attention for their own safety. Signs use stark colors, such as black and red, against solid white backgrounds, to make it easy to differentiate between advertisements and important information. The high visibility of these colors make it easy for people to notice the message without approaching the area unnecessarily. 

Large Lettering
Combine these traffic signs and cones with caution and hazard signs to let people know from a distance why the area is hazardous or reserved. When combined with the bright, stark colors, the blocky lettering on these materials makes them even easier to read, especially for those with poor eyesight. Short, to-the-point text informs the reader at a glance, so they can avoid reserved parking places or restricted areas at a moment's notice, instead of spending time reading long directions. 

Simple to Use
Anyone can use these simple materials. Caution tape can easily be added to any pre-existing poles or walls, while signs feature holes for screws or nails. This makes it easy to quickly respond to accidental spills, update reserved parking spots, or label new loading zones. With just a few minutes, anyone can add safety instructions to any area of your business.
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