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  • Micropore Surgical Tape

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Surgical Tape

Surgical Tape- Gentle Adhesion and Reliable PerformanceStock up on surgical tape so you're always prepared to handle wound dressings. Choose from a wide range of tape widths to suit different applications, such as applying bandages and securing medical tubes. Buying in bulk makes it easy to keep rolls of surgical tape in various areas of your facility.Impressive AdhesionThe adhesive on the back of surgical tape clings strongly enough to prevent accidental loss while still being gentle enough not to pull on hair or skin during the removal process. This specialty tape doesn't leave residue on the skin once it is removed, reducing the need for extra cleanup steps during dressing changes. The gentle yet strong nature of surgical tape can make it useful for temporarily holding a wound closed until a doctor can perform stitches, which makes it a must-have item for a well-stocked first aid kit.Easy to UseBecause it is designed with busy medical offices and hospitals in mind, surgical tape can easily be cut or torn into the exact size you need it, even when you're wearing surgical gloves. The convenient adaptability of surgical tape makes it ideal for use in areas where standard bandages don't work well, such as on fingertips and knees. Durable medical tape doesn't fray or tear on its own, so it stays secure and functional for a long time after you place it onto a patient's skin.Safe and SanitaryLatex-free surgical tape can be used safely on patients with latex allergies, and hypoallergenic materials help prevent reactions in individuals with sensitive skin. The breathable material lets air circulate around a healing wound to help prevent infections, and the tape can be lifted off the skin and reapplied to check on the wound when necessary.


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    Transpore MMM15271Z Surgical Tapes 12/Box
    Item 112507
    Model MMM15271Z

    Transpore MMM15271Z Surgical Tapes 12/Box

    Customer Rating
    Transpore MMM15271Z Surgical Tapes 12/Box
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    • Type: Surgical Tape
    • Quantity/Box: 12
    • Individual Dimensions: (W x L) 1” x 360”
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1 items
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