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Paper Pads & Packs

Scrapbook paper packs are filled with unique pages of textured, colored or patterned papers. They are useful for crafting, origami or other purposes. Other kinds of paper, such as lined paper in hardcover notebooks or paper pads, create a space for writing down homework, assignments, meeting notes and other important information. Staples has a variety of paper products to meet the needs of any project.

Various Types of Scrapbook Paper Packs
Textured scrapbook paper creates unique scrapbook pages, while smooth styles hold photos and papers tightly with a small amount of adhesive. Decorative pages make good wrapping paper for small gifts, or you can use them to accent crafts, including greeting cards and candle jars. Glitter sheets make pages pop, and bright-colored sheets are smooth for direct writing or drawing. Use vellum to add clear sheets between pages or to add embellishments to a page. Vellum ranges in size from .02 to .07 inches thick, so it's sturdy enough for heavier embellishments.

Paper for Crafts or Writing
White card stock works as a background for a fancy letter or a calligraphy lesson, while lined paper pads make taking notes easy. Different paper weights are suitable for various uses -- 80-pound card stock is good for use with markers to prevent bleed through, while standard 16-pound paper, similar to what you find in notebooks, is good for pencil or pen work. Tissue paper is appropriate for gift wrapping or as an added texture in crafting. Sketchbook paper in notepads prevents bleed-through of materials when you're using wet mediums to draw, write or create. Some papers come in a blank book with a plain cover; they work well for those who want to design a unique cover for a scrapbook, sketchbook or album with common art materials.

Why Should You Choose Paper Packs?
Paper comes in multiple sizes and shapes, both square and rectangular, that are good for crafting and scrapbooking. Lined paper keeps notes clear and organized. Elasticated notebooks hold the pages together to prevent them from becoming bent. Acid-free paper packs don't discolor over time, making them good for documents that need to be of archival quality. Acid-free papers are photo safe, which means you can use them to back your photos or print photos on the sheets directly without discoloration or damage later on.

What Sizes of Paper Packs Are Available?
Paper packs come in many sizes; some packs contain a selection of different designs. Available sizes include 8.5 x 11 inch sheets, which are the standard size for printers and notebooks, and 12 x 12 inch sheets, which are standard for scrapbooks and albums. Less common are 8 x 8 inch sheets, which are usable in mini scrapbooks or as accents behind photos on a scrapbook page. Small 7 x 5 inch notebooks are easy to tuck into a small purse or backpack for use on the go.

Whether it's for taking notes or creating a scrapbook project, Staples has the craft and lined papers for any job.
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