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Turn Tables & DJ Equipment

Get the Best Sound PossibleWhen you're ready to shock and awe the crowd with music, turntables and DJ equipment ensure you have everything you need to deliver a great experience. Select turntables for scratching and customizing your tunes. Choose bigger amps for bigger sounds, and get the volume you need to raise the roof.

Complete Customization
The best DJs create mashups and mixes that show off their mixing ability. Selecting tunes that complement each other is equally as vital. Professional equipment that allows you to merge songs with each other, whether high-quality turntables or high-level mixing equipment, gives your clients a sound they'll never forget. Those who regularly cater for events at clubs, bars, and event halls may prefer a permanent installation, but those who need to travel need something more lightweight.

Ultimate Decks
When you have traditional vinyl, you need a great turntable, but most turntables are digital with USB interfaces. These digital turntables let you scratch your digital files without ever seeing the traditional black LP, and higher-end ones provide better accuracy. Dual turntables let you mix, scratch and manipulate two tracks at once, which is ideal if you're playing a complex mix. Don't forget a pair of reliable headphones when you're ready to work.

Choose the Biggest Sound
Speakers deliver powerful sounds to your clients and customers, so it's essential you have the right combination. For small gigs, two general speakers might be enough, but for larger venues, dozens of speakers may be needed to throw the sound far enough. Some speakers come with both subwoofers and tweeters for an all-in-one solution, whereas other speakers come as just one or the other.

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Monoprice® 602000 Screw Thread Adapter For Microphone Stand
Item: 1257713 / Model : 602000
  • Outer size: 5/8" male
  • Inner size: 3/8" female
  • Solves the problem of difference between microphone stands by adapting 3/8" stands to accept 5/8" stand accessories
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Ships with any qualifying order over $25.00.

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Pyle® PPHP127AI 12" 1200 W 2 Way Full Range PA Speaker w/Built In iPod Dock USB SD & Remote Control
Item: 283612 / Model : 93582683M
  • Input sensitivity: 101 +/ - 3dB
  • Input impedance: 8 ohm +/ - 20%
  • Power output: 600 W RMS 1200 W peak
Monoprice® 603315 Dual-Arm Flexible LED Music Light
Item: 1256968 / Model : 603315
  • Features dual LEDs on each lamp with two levels of brightness for individual needs and it is set on-their own 7 1/2" flexible gooseneck for ultimate adjustment and precision when needing to light specific areas
  • Lights are attached to a base that can also be clipped onto something such a music stand
  • Can operate on 3 x AAA batteries or plugged in using the included 40" USB power cable
ION® Vinyl Alive Record Cleaning Kit
Item: 1591382 / Model : IONICT07
  • Record cleaning kit removes dust particles and helps to enhance the durability of stylus
  • Comes in new red velvet color
  • Converts your vinyl records from dusty to gleaming in seconds
Monoprice® 600320 Shotgun Microphone For DSLR and Video Camera
Item: 1257292 / Model : 600320
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Input sensitivity: -40 dB +or- 1 dB
  • Output impedance: Less than 200 Ohms
Monoprice® 602350 PA Speaker Stands With Air Cushion
Item: 1257333 / Model : 602350
  • Base width: Expandable up to 42"
  • Adjustable height: 43" - 7'
  • Load capacity: 130 lbs.
Monoprice® 603350 Flexible LED Music Light For Phantom Powered XLR Ports
Item: 1256854 / Model : 603350
  • Features eight long-lasting LEDs and shines brighter than traditional incandescent lighting
  • Light is attached to an 11" flexible gooseneck which makes it ideal for any space or scenario
  • It has male XLR pins so it requires a phantom powered Female XLR port
Monoprice® 603450 Music Mount For iPhone and iPod
Item: 1256850 / Model : 603450
  • Compatibility: Apple-iPhone and iPod
  • A multi-angle, adjustable music mount that allows to securely position iPhone or iPod to a music or microphone stand for optimal viewing and operation, leaving all controls, buttons, and connections readily accessible and free from obstructions
  • Can hold media players from 2.1" - 2.5"W
Monoprice® 605300 3" Powered Portable Monitor Speakers With Protective Grill
Item: 1256954 / Model : 605300
  • Frequency response: 90 Hz - 20 kHz, 3300 Hz (cross frequency)
  • Input sensitivity: 90 dBA output SPL at 1 m with 100 mV pink noise input
  • Input impedance: 10 k Ohms unbalanced, 20 k Ohms balanced
Monoprice® 614320 2 Channel DJ Mixer With USB
Item: 1256927 / Model : 614320
  • Minimum Windows® system requirements: Pentium 4 processor at 1 GHz, 512MB RAM, available USB 1.1. port, windows XP, vista, 7, minimum Mac® system requirements: Any apple Mac with native USB support, 512MB RAM, Mac OS X® version 10.2.x or later
  • Features three outputs, master output, a record output and the headphones monitor/cue output and has two line-level and one phono level input for each of the two-channel
  • A mixer that allows to provide seamless musical entertainment
Monoprice® 614700 All-In-One DJ System With Dual CD and USB Flash Players
Item: 1256924 / Model : 614700
  • Dimensions: 19" x 11.7" x 3.8"
  • Features dual CD players, dual inputs for USB flash drives and two switchable line/phone level stereo RCA inputs for maximum flexibility in the types of sources
  • Includes both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) stereo master outputs, plus an unbalanced (RCA) record output, which is not controlled by the master fader
Pyle® PAD20MXU 5 Channel Professional Compact Audio Mixer With USB Interface
Item: 283599 / Model : 93580333M
  • Input sensitivity: Channel 1 mic in - 1 mV, channel 2 linein - 400 mV, tape in - 100 mV
  • Input impedance: Channel 1 mic in - 1.2 kohm, channel 2 linein - 31 kohm, tape in - 21 kohm
  • Output level: Main out: 5.8 V maximum, monitor headphones: 5 V maximum
TEAC® 20 W Turntable Stereo System With CD/Bluetooth, Cherry
Item: 1593625 / Model : TEAMCD800CH
  • Turntable stereo system to track programmable play
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 8.1" x 15.7" x 15.2", speaker Dimensions: 8.8" x 5.7" x 6.1"
  • Comes in new cherry wood color