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Two-Way Radio Batteries

Spare two-way radio batteries keep your radios powered for uninterrupted communication between employees. Provide a source of reliable distance communication in construction areas, hotels, and other work sites. Kits with chargers for the desktop and car keep spare batteries ready when you need them.

Keeping a supply of spare batteries and chargers on hand ensures your two-way radios are ready to use for communication when staff is spread out over a wide area. Additional batteries are easy to carry and extend the length between charges. A selection of portable chargers goes where you go to reliably charge batteries from an assortment of AC or DC power sources.

Long Lasting
Battery upgrades provide extra battery life for longer times between battery changes and charges. Longer-lasting batteries keep employees on task longer with less down time from battery depletion. Make sure important messages get through with long-lasting batteries for your two-way radios.

Choose from a wide selection of two-way radio batteries to work with different two-way radio brands. Pair versatile chargers with power inverters to charge batteries away from standard power sources in remote work sites and wilderness areas. Chargers with multiple charging stations allow for simultaneous charging of more than one radio at a time, allowing the use of a single outlet to charge several radios.

Easy to Use
Two-way radio batteries are easy to change in the office and on the road. Each convenient single-unit nickel metal hydride battery replaces four AA batteries for easier carrying and extra-quick battery changes. Rechargeable batteries reduce waste for a more environmentally friendly operation.

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Motorola 53615 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Upgrade Kit
Item : IM1T39874 / Model : 53615
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  • Nickel-metal hydride
  • Output voltage 3.6 V
  • Helps to reduce down time due to a depleted battery
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Motorola 16-mile 2-way Radio (light Blue) & UPG Heavy-duty Battery Box
Item : 2089557 / Model : KITMTRBAT1
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  • Motorola MG160A 16-mile talkabout 2-way radio (light blue)
  • - 22 channels- 1 call tone
  • Battery save
Motorola 16-mile Talkabout 2-way Radio (pink) & UPG Heavy-duty Battery Box
Item : 2089556 / Model : KITMTRBAT2
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  • Motorola MG167A 16-mile talkabout 2-way radio (pink)
  • - 22 channels- 1 call tone
  • Battery save
Motorola 53617 Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery
Item : IM1NZ4983 / Model : 53617
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  • Nickel-Metal Hydride
  • 700 mAh
  • Output voltage: 3.6 VDC