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Disc Duplicators

Copy at super-fast speeds with disc duplicators for DVDs, CDs, and every popular format on the market. You'll never worry about losing data again with all these backup options to copy your entire hard drive. Choose up-to-the-minute technology to save you time and make disc copying easy.

Make Multiple Copies
Make from one to seven copies of a disc at once with stand-alone duplicators that copy both DVDs and CDs at lightning-fast speeds, up to 52x depending on the format. These duplicators handle all the major commercial CD and DVD formats, including DVD-R/RW, DVD R/W, Photo CD, and many more. Some units even have built-in hard discs to let you store multiple masters. 

Convenience and Portability
Handy and simple USB duplicators that let you make up to 21 copies of a USB flash drive at the same time are perfect for educators or project managers who need to make sure the entire team has all the data it needs. If you need to make USB copies on the road, pick up a lightweight, portable model.

Hard Drive Security and Protection
Choose a lightweight hard-drive duplicator with a small footprint for your personal use. For a high-tech workplace, high-speed duplicator towers let you copy up to 24 hard drives at once with transfer speeds of up to 120MB per second. Some duplicators also provide the capability to overwrite data or erase it with complete security. Pick up an extra external hard drive to expand the storage capacity of your computer and let you take all your data with you when you're on the go.
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