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USB Cables

Connect your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player to your laptop or desktop computer using USB cables. Choose cables that support faster speeds to quicken the data-transfer process. Select from a variety of pin types to get the perfect connector for your business or personal equipment.

Extend Your Computer's Functionality
Designed to connect peripheral devices to your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone, USB cables in a variety of pin types make the perfect addition to your office. Keep cables on hand that allow you to quickly plug a keyboard and mouse in to server systems, or choose extenders that provide multiple ports for USB-enabled devices, speakers, and displays.

Easy Charging and Syncing
Charge your cell phone, smartphone, or MP3 player without an outlet thanks to convenient USB cables that draw power from your desktop or laptop computer. These cables also make it simple to transfer data between devices. Choose standard USB and USB 2.0 cables to add smaller amounts of information to another device, or select lightning-fast USB 3.0 cables for quicker and more efficient transfers during time-sensitive meetings. This versatility in speed makes these cables essential when accessing data on peripheral devices, such as external hard drives.

Multiple Lengths
Choose USB cables with the perfect length to suit your business's particular needs. Shorter cables under 4 feet provide easy connectivity in cubicles and smaller offices. Cable lengths up to 15 feet provide more room to bridge heavier devices that can't be readily moved from their positions, making them an excellent choice for server rooms or data-storage banks.

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