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USB Hubs

USB Hubs- Connect and Power Multiple DevicesUSB hubs provide extra USB ports for easy connection of all your USB devices. Place a large hub on your desk for easy access to a number of ports when you need them. A versatile Ethernet/USB adapter hub converts Ethernet power through a USB port, while an AC/USB adapter plugs into a standard outlet.AccessibleExtra USB hubs ensure an accessible port where you need it — a one-time installation provides readily accessible ports regardless of where your computer is located. AC-powered ports provide USB connectivity when you're away from your computer. Energy SavingChoose energy-saving hubs to minimize your electricity usage. Accessible power switches keep ports from pulling from the power supply when they're not in use, and LED lights let you know if your hub is off or on, providing you with a convenient reminder to turn it off between uses.Fast Charging and Data TransferSuper-speed charging hubs charge multiple devices at full speed, resulting in less downtime and fewer waits. Hubs with high-speed data transfer mean less time spent syncing and more time working productively. Use super-speed hubs in conjunction with high-capacity USB cables to quickly, efficiently transfer large files to mobile storage, getting your data to the people who need it fast.Easy Setup Choose USB hubs with plug-and-play connectivity to get them up and running quickly without needing to install drivers. Built-in surge protectors provide immediate protection for all connected devices in the event of a power surge, and easy connectivity with both PC and Mac peripherals ensures these hubs are compatible with your existing hardware.


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