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Catheters & Catheter Trays

Choose between several options for safe and simple catheter and catheter tray use, including intermittent, self, touch-free, and external use. Catheter and catheter tray kits come prepared with the tools necessary for quick and easy use such as gloves, collection bags, and CSR wrap.

Options for Every Individual Situation
Look no further for your individual catheterization needs; catheter and catheter kits account for most specific situations and circumstances. Find options for temporary or long term, self or assisted, external or internal, and even for touch free use. Intermittent catheters can be latex or latex free, are available in rubber and vinyl materials, and also come in an alternate pediatric size.

Get the Complete Package with Catheter Kits
Choose from several different catheter and catheter tray kits that come with all the necessary tools to perform urethral catheterization, whether you require intermittent or constant use. Catheter tray kits come with CSR-wrapped trays, catheters, swab sticks, collection basins, specimen containers with labels, and other helpful accessories. If you need a list of more individual products, also take a look at specimen collection containers and tools for additional options.

Helpful and Convenient Catheter Accessories
In addition to your basic catheter and catheter tray needs, find several helpful standalone catheterization accessories to help make your processes all the easier. Options include safety gloves, catheter plugs to prevent drainage, and helpful collection basins. These accessories can greatly increase the success and sanitization of regular catheter use, and some assist with ensuring that each procedure occurs quickly and with as little discomfort as possible.

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