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Underwear & Pants

Select the perfect fit to avoid any embarrassing situations while staying discreet. Choose from a great selection of brands for quality and reliability with underwear and pants, including incontinence pants and protective underwear. Stay dry with options from brands such as Medline or DMI.

Protect Against Leakage
Adult underwear and pants are designed to stop leakage and maintain ideal dryness. With multiple dryness layers and construction that distributes fluids, you won't have to worry about uncomfortable or embarrassing leakage. The use of absorbent materials wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you comfortably dry.

Perfect Fit
Avoid uncomfortable chafing with underwear and pants that not only stay dry, but are anatomically contoured to your body. With soft elastic at the waist and thigh, maximum comfort can be had while still guarding against leakage. The material is designed to bend and move with the body, meaning that in any position you remain completely secure. Choose between snap-on or pull-up style for ideal convenience. For increased absorbency, consider disposable or reusable adult briefs.

Conveniently Disposable
Disposable underwear and pants offer the highest level of convenience. Instead of the hassle of cleaning them, they can be simply and easily discarded. They are as comfortable as any reusable underwear and can be disposed of once used. With extra protection, disposable underwear options are sure to stay dry and leakage-free.

Adult underwear and pants are designed to fit comfortably underneath clothing. These undergarments are discreet, protecting you from potential embarrassment. Adult underwear & pants are seamless to stay hidden, so that you can feel safe and secure without ever having to be self-conscious.

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