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Patient Belonging Bags

Keep a stock of patient belonging bags on hand so patients checking in have a convenient place to store clothing and accessories. Spacious bags hold plenty of personal possessions to ensure a patient's peace of mind. Buy bags in bulk, and keep bags in your reception area to hand out as needed.

Durable Construction
Durable patient belonging bags are designed to hold lots of clothing and personal items without stretching or tearing. Bags made of plastic also keep contents safe from moisture, dust, and debris in addition to keeping a patient's items all in one place to prevent accidental loss.

Easy Access
Drawstring and snap closures make it easy to open and close a patient belonging bag, so you can easily reach in to grab medication, your insurance card, or a relaxing novel whenever you want. Drawstrings let you hang the bag from a wheelchair, bedside table, or gurney to ensure that your belongings stay right next to you at all times. Hand out patient belonging bags at the reception desk along with admission kits and ID bracelets so patients have everything they need to settle in at the hospital or clinic.

Convenient Labels
Large labels make it easy to keep track of the owner of each bag, as you can easily write the name and room number of the associated patient on the front of the bag. Pre-printed boxes and lines standardize the process, so nurses and doctors can easily find the information in the same place on every bag. Patient set-up bags with room to write more details can be used to hold equipment parts and accessories so they stay with the medical devices assigned to a specific patient.

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