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Cell Phones

Cell phones have become one of the most popular and widely-used electronic devices, many replacing the need for a computer, gaming console or tablet. Almost anything can be accomplished through today's phones, and Staples carries several styles from top brands to suit casual and serious users alike. Whether conducting business from the road or organizing your home life, a mobile phone is a must-have in this busy world.

Compact, Attractive and Versatile 
With their streamlined design, speed and extensive library of downloadable apps, a cell phone is more like a pocket-sized computer than ever before. Top-selling models from Apple, Samsung, and BLU give consumers a choice from rugged flip phones to ones with sleek touchscreen interfaces. Most come with built-in front and rear-facing cameras ranging from 2-16 Megapixels for capturing special moments, selfies and video chats. Available in several trendy colors, these phones will not only look good at the next big event, GPS navigation will help find your way there.

A Cell Phone for Every Budget
There is a phone for every lifestyle and budget, and they can be used anywhere Wi-Fi or network coverage is available. Don't require constant service? Go with a basic prepaid phone in case of emergencies, landline outages or while traveling. Unlocked phones allow users flexibility to take a phone to a preferred local or overseas service carrier. When teaching youngsters responsible technology usage, parents can choose a phone and type of service that fits a busy family's every need.

Mobile Management for the Home or Office
Today's phones can integrate into every part of life. Millions of apps are ready for work and play on every major cell phone. Schedule and conduct important meetings, track project hours and business ratings any time of day or night. Easily keep up with rent and bill payments by setting reminders, then pay directly from a number of financial apps. Looking to pass the time while waiting for company? Pick up a quick-fix casual game, enjoy viral videos from the many entertainment apps or socialize and surf the Internet. Maintain good health by going for a jog or walk while the phone tracks progress, then show off all that hard work by sharing a quick picture with friends. Unlike phones of the past, the possibilities are endless with our ever-growing modern technology.

Accessories to Enhance Your Device
There's a wide range of accessories to protect and improve cell phones available at Staples. Select a hard or soft phone case and apply a high-quality screen protector to ensure years of durable phone performance. Kids and teens can express their individuality with sparkly charms, stickers and phone straps. Require a completely hands-free experience? Pair a Bluetooth headset with mountable phone holder for safer calling on the road. Those who enjoy doodling and handwritten lists will find a colorful stylus a fun and handy addition. Amateur mobile photographers can take better pictures with a tripod holder and clip-on lenses.

When it's time to select a new cell phone, Staples has what customers want at affordable prices.
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