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Cell Phones

Sleek and Stylish - Stay in touch with these sleek cell phones, each designed with the latest in communication technology. Whether you need a basic phone for emergencies or a full-feature model, you'll find a style to suit your needs. Select from a wide range of manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, and Motorola.

Easy Operation
Each of these cell phones enables fast operation with intuitive navigation and simple menu design. Whether you're writing an email or sending a text message, a touch-screen phone allows for quick typing. If you prefer a more tactile experience, opt for a model with a pullout keyboard. Most models feature an automatic sleep function that conserves power when the phone is not in use.

Stylish Designs
Stay on trend with these sleek, high-style phones. Ultra-thin models are easy to carry in your pocket, while flip phones are ideal for rough environments. Cell phones with large screens enable multiple uses, from dialing new numbers to watching high-definition video. Add extra personality to your device with a phone case.

Flexible Service Options
Choose an unlocked GSM phone for maximum service flexibility both in the United States and abroad. Simply insert a SIM card from your favorite provider and make calls from wherever you are. If you have a service provider preference, choose a prepaid phone locked to that carrier. Both options give you control over the type of plan you want without requiring a long-term contract.

Multiple Functions
Many of these cell phones are designed for more than phone calls, so you can get more out of your device. Most models come with a Wi-Fi antenna and cellular data capability, making it easy to get online anywhere your service provider allows. Choose from other advanced features, such as front and back cameras, GPS, and video conferencing applications.


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    H2O 2-in-1 SIM Card (Standard and Micro)
    Item 270915
    Model HSN500001

    H2O 2-in-1 SIM Card (Standard and Micro)

    Customer Rating
    H2O 2-in-1 SIM Card (Standard and Micro)
    (0  reviews)
    • Unlocked for any GSM carrier worldwide
    • Dual cut design that works as both a standard SIM and a micro SIM
    • Pop-out function that gives you convenience while switching between its two functions.
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1 items
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