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Utility Knives & Blades

Stay prepared for simple cutting tasks with these utility knives. Small and lightweight, these knives are available in a variety of blade types, including serrated, that make short work of cutting boxes, wires, and other materials. They're great for mail, maintenance, and general factory use.

Cut with Confidence

The sturdy blades on these utility knives are made using a variety of durable materials, such as zirconium oxide. This ensures they are strong enough to cut through tough materials, including cardboard, plastic, and some metals while maintaining effectiveness for many years. Use to open thousands of packages in the mail room, or slice through the wiring housing to take care of electrical or technological jobs.

Use Only What You Need

Housed in metal or plastic jackets, the blades on most of these utility knives from manufacturers such as Stanley Bostitch and Olympia Tools are retractable. You can expose as much or as little of the blade as you need and then slide it back into its casing once you're done using it. Some models offer the option to lock the blade in position, eliminating the need to keep the knife tilted at a certain angle to prevent it from being pushed back into its housing.

Safe and Cost-Effective

Safety features such as non-slip surfaces, hoods that extend over the blades, and contoured grips minimize the risk of injury to yourself or others. The blades can easily be sharpened or replaced, ensuring you always have sharp edge on hand. These portable knives are a good option for mail carts, utility belts, and desk drawers.

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