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Durable and strong, Velcro products can support heavy loads without the need for permanent structural alterations. They require no maintenance, making them ideal for short-term and medium-term fastening solutions. Select from a range of Velcro products, including dots, strips, and tape.

Sturdy Fastening
Each Velcro product uses a hook-and-loop design to fasten objects together without the use of nails, screws, or glue. The two sides attach firmly and resist coming apart under pressure, making them ideal for a variety of home and office applications. When you're ready to separate the items, simply pull with directed force.

Long-Lasting Adhesive
Many of these Velcro products are backed with adhesive, so you can apply them easily to a range of substrates. Sticky Back coins and tape attach firmly to walls and other smooth surfaces and peel off easily without damaging the surface. When you're ready to adjust your setup, simply reposition the pieces without sacrificing the strength of the adhesive.

Versatile Usage
Velcro products come in a range of sizes and strengths, so you can use them in a variety of situations. Use Velcro dots to attach spice cans to the underside of a cupboards or strips to hang lightweight dry-erase boards. For heavy loads or tough environments, choose industrial-strength Velcro tape. Standard tape is available in multiple widths to accommodate objects of all sizes.

Clutter Reduction
Keep your cables and supplies organized with Velcro ties and straps. Each one wraps around a bundle of items and fastens tightly, preventing individual pieces from coming apart. The flexible straps bend easily to take the shape of any object.

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