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Desktop Organizers

Use these convenient desktop organizers to keep a professional look no matter how many materials you have on hand. No matter the material, there is an organizer specifically made to tame the mess. Plus, they'll help keep you focused on your work instead of being distracted by a desk of clutter.

Convenient Card Holders
Card holders come in two main forms. Basic business card organizers hold your personal card, so customers and business partners can easily pick up a card to get your contact information. These holders openly display the face of the card, so the viewer knows exactly what it is. Rotary holders and open-card files organize cards you've gotten from other people and make it easy for you to flip through numerous alphabetized cards and quickly find the one you need.

Keep Small Supplies Organized
Keep your favorite pens, markers, paperclips and thumbtacks within easy reach with these organizers. Use a single tall container to hold writing utensils, or purchase a holder with multiple compartments to sort out the various materials you use. Many of these feature a design with an open top, allowing you to grab an item without fumbling with drawers or awkward lids. Alternatively, use a small drawer set to contain materials you use less often but still need within easy reach.

Easy-to-Read Copyholders
Remove paper clutter from your desktop with these convenient copyholders. These stand vertically and hold pages up for easy reading, allowing you to copy data from a page onto a computer while keeping your work space clean. Some options include a magnifying strip for easier reading and multipage capacities that hold all your important documents in one spot.

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