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An essential part of daily living, water provides hydration that keeps bodies functioning properly. Available in a variety of flavors, serving sizes and levels of purification, bottled water is convenient for staying healthy on the go. Staples has bottled water for sale from brands like Perrier, LaCroix, Canada Dry and .

Drink Bottled Natural Spring Water for Optimal Health
Natural spring water comes from sustainable underground sources located throughout the world. Most products are distributed under brand names that reflect their source, ensuring a fresh taste. Spring water is non-carbonated, calorie and sugar-free, making it an excellent choice for everyday hydration needs. Homes and businesses may want to keep several bulk packs on hand for always-ready refreshment.

Spring, Mineral, Purified and Distilled Water: What's the Difference?
In addition to spring water, there are a few other bottled water types, each with a different collection and purification process. Spring water is rich in trace minerals and nutrients, while mineral water, also originating from underground sources, flows through rocks before being collected, picking up additional dissolved minerals in the process. Mineral-rich waters which are bottled at the source, aid in healthy overall body function, yet some may not like the flavor. Purified water removes these natural ingredients through several filtration steps, making it the cleanest, purest product possible. Distilled water is vaporized before being collected, eliminating any pollutants, solid and mineral residues, making it ideal for use with irons and other small appliances.

Flavored Seltzer and Sparkling Waters Provide Delicious Refreshment
Sourced from around the world, seltzer and sparkling waters contain natural carbonation or have carbon dioxide added for a light and bubbly sensation. Some are naturally flavored with fruit essences that provide a hint of lemon, raspberry, cherry, melon and other flavors. Many are free of sugar, calories and preservatives and contain no or low amounts of sodium for naturally healthy enjoyment. Served chilled, carbonated products are fantastic on a hot day, and mixed with other juices create a delightful party punch.

Those who own a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker system can create their own sparkling beverages at home with drink mixes that turn ordinary water into a flavorful carbonated drink. With multiple servings per bottle, it's easy to concoct a variety of flavor combinations that satisfy any craving. Most mixes are low in calories, free of preservatives and are naturally sweetened, making them a healthier choice over sodas and juice products.

Coconut Water and Sports Drinks Replenish Vital Electrolytes
After an intense workout or day of air travel, many people find themselves in need of rapid rehydration. Sports drinks, fitness waters and coconut beverages are loaded with sodium, potassium and antioxidant ingredients that help re-balance proper electrolyte levels in the body. Lightly-flavored drinks are naturally fat, gluten and cholesterol-free, and some are calorie-free for diet-friendly recovery from hardcore activity.

Bottled Water for Sale in Bulk Saves You Money
Staples carries various quantities of water products ranging from 3 jugs per pack up to 48 bottles per case so businesses can maintain adequate stock for everyday use and events large and small. Keeping a steady supply ensures break rooms, vending machines and pantries always have enough to go around.
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