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Vitrified Abrasives

Abrasives that feature vitrified materials stand up well under high temperatures and heavy pressures. This makes them ideal for applications where you need to sand down or round off tougher materials. Choosing the right abrasive can save your business in labor costs and reduce the potential for injury.

Break Down Coarse Surfaces
Vitrified abrasives allow you to quickly grind away and smooth surfaces. This lets you get a smooth surface that is perfect for construction or art work.

Custom Parts
Many vitrified abrasives feature interchangeable connectors, letting you make the most of your disc or sheet sander. For projects that require hand-sanding, check out coated sheet abrasives.

Picking the Right Abrasive
Abrasives usually come in either pad or stone form. Pads fit on wheels and may come premounted for use with disc sanders. Stones let you manually grind down areas with greater precision.
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