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Vocabulary Skills Books

Vocabulary Skills Books- Help Kids Learn New WordsChallenge young learners, and help them improve their reading abilities by using vocabulary skills books in the classroom. Workbooks and resource books from Houghton Mifflin, Edupress, and Scholastic make learning new words easy. Grade-appropriate books challenge kids without being too hard.Improve Literacy SkillsLiteracy skills depend on accurate identification of words, and vocabulary skills books help children build up a bank of words they can draw upon when reading and writing. Word books introduce new words in a few different ways, so students learn how to use them properly instead of just memorizing definitions. Age-appropriate games and activities make the learning process more fun, while lessons on punctuation, prefixes, suffixes, root words, and capitalization help kids understand and use words properly in context.Incorporate Interdisciplinary LearningUse vocabulary skills books along with science, social studies, or language arts books to create an interdisciplinary lesson that incorporates new vocabulary words. Use thematic lessons to help solidify the material in students' minds and make learning vocabulary and other subjects more enjoyable. Use the teacher notes provided in vocabulary resource books and workbooks to come up with even more ways to reinforce the most recent set of words learned in class.Challenge Kids' MindsGet kids ready for standardized tests with vocabulary skills books that include words kids in a particular grade level are expected to know, and let kids asses their knowledge and identify problem areas with practice exams given before the actual test day. Challenge fast learners with extra worksheets and puzzles at a level appropriate to their needs to keep them interested and engaged, or look for vocabulary aids to help children learning English as a second language catch up to their peers.


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    Shell Education® Academic Vocabulary Book, Grades 3rd
    Item 138225
    Model SEP50705

    Shell Education® Academic Vocabulary Book, Grades 3rd

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    Shell Education® Academic Vocabulary Book, Grades 3rd
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    • Age group and grade: Ages 8 and grades 3rd
    • Language: English
    • Integrate academic vocabulary instruction into content-area lessons with this new resource for Level 3, which provides teachers with 12 easy-to-implement strategies for teaching academic vocabulary
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1 items
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