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Keurig Vue Cups

Keurig Vue Cups are a delicious evolution of traditional coffee preparation. Satisfy all of your instant coffee needs with our Vue cups and single cup coffee from quality brands like Green Mountain, Starbucks, Coffee People, Tullys, Barista Prima, and Newman’s Own.

  • Your coffee, your roast - Choose from a variety of flavors in quantities of 12 or 16.
  • More than just coffee - In addition to multiple coffee flavors, browse our selection of hot cocoa, cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Recyclable - The plastic Vue cups used in the Vue packs are made of #5 plastic, so they can be recycled wherever #5 plastic is accepted.
  • Convenient storage - Keurig Vue Cup carousel holders provide a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to store your favorite flavors.
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