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Wacom Tablets

Add these Wacom tablets to your electronics and arts collections to expand your versatility. Quality tablets offer more precision than using a traditional mouse and keyboard to create digital art, so you can create more-detailed work that catches the eye.

Large Drawing Area
These Wacom tablets feature a variety of active drawing area sizes, and some feature large areas that allow you to draw larger shapes and marks in one motion. A large area makes it easier to draw without changing the viewing area, streamlining the process for quicker, more accurate work.

Hot Keys
Some Wacom tablets feature built-in hotkeys. Map tools you use often, such as erase, blur, or undo, to these buttons to make working easier and more efficient. Using these buttons means less active motion from you, lessening fatigue and shaving seconds off your work time in your preferred photo editing design software.

Replacement Pens
If you lose a pen or wear one out after long-term use, simply order a replacement pen. Some run on batteries with long lives, while others feature rechargeable batteries to save money and reduce waste. These replacement pens for Wacom tablets are useful to keep on hand in case of sudden accidental damage, and they're handy as a backup if the original gets misplaced.

Compact Size
Many Wacom tablets feature a compact size that can be easily stored away in a drawer or on a shelf without taking up a lot of space. The thin piece slides into small spaces, such as a file on your desktop, allowing you to clear up desk space when you don't need the tablet.

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