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Stay up to date with these convenient calendars. Choose from a wide range of calendars for your home or office from brands such as At-A-Glance, Brown Trout Publishers, and Turner Licensing. Whether you need a basic calendar or a deluxe daily planner, you'll find an option that fits your requirements.

Flexible Display Options
Choose calendars that fit your personal and professional lifestyle. For quick-reference designs, opt for a calendar that stands or lies flat on your desk. Alternatively, leave your work area open with a large, wall-mounted model. Standing box calendars rest easily on a desk or table for high visibility and take up minimal space.

Convenient Sizes
These calendars come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Select a model with large, open date squares so you can easily take notes or jot down important appointments. If you simply need to keep track of the day, save space with a smaller calendar, and mark important dates with Post-it and Stickies notes or flags. Organizers are another great option for keeping yourself organized and on task when you're on the go. 

Custom Calendars

Create personalized calendars using your personal photos or business logo with Staples Copy & Print. Choose from a variety of different calendars to personalize, from desk calendars to wall calendars, and more!

Flexible Scheduling
Keep track of a rapidly changing schedule with a weekly planner. Each model comes pre-printed with a blank calendar, so you can fill in the months and days as needed. When your schedule changes, simply wipe off the existing entry, and write in the new one. Dry-erase items are quick and easy to clean, so you can use them again and again. If you happen to be a student, Staples has a huge selection of student planners designed to keep track of all of your classes and assignments. 

Sleek Designs
Add to the decor in your home or office with a calendar that is made in a coordinating style. Choose brightly colored or floral designs for a child's room and sleek, understated options for an office. Express your personality with patterned borders and colorful accents.

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