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Calendars are useful tools in homes, schools and businesses. Whether you're looking for an academic calendar to track educational progress or require a desk calendar for appointment scheduling, you'll find a wide selection of high-quality options at Staples. Everyday users and professionals can choose from wall calendars, desktop models and daily planners from top brands such as At-A-Glance, Willow Creek Press and Sellers Publishing that are perfect for a range of needs.

Calendars Help you Stay on Top of Important Dates and Appointments
Every calendar in stock is designed for quick and simple referencing of important dates, appointments and holidays. Many business users prefer monthly desk pads that display one month's schedule at a time with lots of room to write in notes and employee schedules. Some wall calendars feature two-sided vertical and horizontal formats with erasable surfaces that are ideal for color-coding projects and temporarily highlighting specific blocks of time. Select models come with built-in corkboards and magnetic surfaces so office staff can quickly post notes and attach memos requiring extra attention.

Student Calendars and Planners Make it Easy to Track Projects and Assignments
Busy teachers and students can easily keep up with tasks with academic calendars and planners. These calendars follow a similar format to traditional ones but start with July, August or September and run through June or July of the following year to cover the dates associated with most schooling schedules. Academic style calendars feature plenty of free space to write in project deadlines, special events and extra-curricular activity schedules, so students stay focused and organized throughout the entire year.

Teachers find posting large-format student calendars that highlight homework assignments, lesson plans and testing dates help young learners perform more successfully in the classroom. Parents also benefit from having every child's specific schedule displayed in one central location so they can plan each day accordingly.

Several Styles Available to Suit Every Personality
Choose from a range of colorful designs and themed calendars, including fun geometric patterns, nature photography and adorable animals. Many include inspirational quotes and whimsical illustrations that are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Those who enjoy adding a creative touch may want to choose a yearly blank calendar design that allows for total artistic freedom. Select calendars also come undated so users can customize pages for any year, some with dry-erase pages are reusable.

Are Calendars Recyclable?
Unlaminated calendar pages are fully recyclable with other paper products. Laminated pages aren't recyclable, but are easily repurposed into handmade bookmarks, journal covers, place mats, ornaments and other crafted items.

Can Calendars be Personalized?
Pre-printed calendars are not customizable, however, using Staples' Copy and Print services, anyone can create a custom wall calendar in the online design tool by uploading photographs or business logos, along with personalized dates and quotes.

How do Perpetual Calendars Work in Leap Years?
Some styles of perpetual calendars feature adjustable sliding date and month markers to suit any year's particular format, including leap years, while others have interchangeable pages that are easily swapped out. Desktop page-a-day perpetual calendars include an extra page for February 29th, so users always have the correct day's illustration or quote on display.
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