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Water Filters & Dispensers

Dispensers for water ensure that employees and visitors have access to a refreshing drink throughout the workday. Water filters remove impurities from regular tap water for improved taste and safety. Staples carries a range of both dispensers and filters to meet the needs of most offices and homes.

When Are Water Filters the Right Choice?
Water filtration is available in pitchers, those that attach to the tap and models that attach to the main water supply. Pitcher systems are a budget-friendly choice that only require users to refill the top with tap water for filtration. Models that attach to the faucet filter the water as it comes out. These models make it simple to filter the water at the source without relying on pitchers that take up valuable counter space. Filters that attach to the main water line in the home or office cleanse all of the water as it goes through the line. Large offices can benefit from main water line filtration as there is no danger of running out of filtered water or dealing with large bottles.

Different Filters Remove Specific Contaminants
Choosing the right water filter requires knowing a bit about your water supply. Tap and pitcher models remove chlorine and organic chemicals and help improve the taste of the water. Filters that attach at the main line remove rust and sediment, with some helping to filter out chlorine and other impurities based on the microns of the inserts used with them. A water test can help determine what contaminants may be in the water. Use the results of the test to choose water filters that remove those specific contaminants for better tasting, safer water throughout the office. In some cases, tap and pitcher filters can be used for improving the taste of filtered water even more.

Dispensers for Every Budget
Water dispensers provide water without requiring additional lines. Most models dispense water from a large container, but there are some that tie into the water line much like an ice maker. Both container-style and point-of-use models let users choose the amount of water they need by simply pushing or pulling a lever. These dispensers provide a source for both cold and hot water, ensuring visitors and employees have the option of refreshing drinks or hot teas and coffees. Bottle dispensers hold 3 or 5-gallon containers, which makes them ideal for small to medium locations. Large offices may benefit from bottleless dispensers that minimize container changes and don't run out with frequent use.

Environmentally Friendly Water Options
Water dispensers and filters reduce the need for maintaining large supplies of bottled water for workers and visitors. Container dispensers let users recycle the large bottles, with most being cleaned and refilled at the facility after pickup. This reduces the amount of plastic in landfills for less environmental impact. Pitcher and tap cleaners do require additional filters after long periods of use, but the amount of waste is still considerably less than with cases of bottled water. Point-of-use dispensers eliminate the need for recycling plastic containers and bottles throughout their use.
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