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Anchors: Screw & Wedge

Utilize screw and wedge anchors to prevent screws from slipping and keep your shelving and wall decorations hanging where you want them. Anchors work with a variety of wall types. Select the style of anchor you need from trusted brands such as Greenlee and Ankr-Tite.

Wall Anchors
Sometimes referred to as dowels, wall anchors are fasteners used in walls that are either too weak or too brittle to support the shelving or other decor being attached by or hung from the inserted screws. By tightening the screw into the anchor, the anchor redistributes the weight and more effectively grips delicate masonry. Please be aware that if the wall is too weak, you may need to utilize a hardening putty or caulk to prevent the wall from cracking with the pressure from the anchor.

Screw Anchors
Screw anchors are perhaps the most recognizable form of wall anchor. Often available in multiple materials, including plastic and carbon steel, the screw anchor is inserted into an existing hole. Using a simple screwdriver, the screw is tightened into the anchor, which in turn forces the anchor into the material of the wall.

Wedge Anchors
Sometimes referred to as expansion anchors or expansion bolts, wedge anchors can refer to a number of specialty formats. Be sure to select a wedge anchor that best applies to your needs, instead of smaller versions that are intended for construction or other industries (for example, rock bolts). Wedge anchors utilize pins or rollers that, when inserted, expand a wedge inside of the anchor itself to expand into masonry and provide strength and stability.

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