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Endoscopic Lamps & Bulbs

Replace the blown-out bulb on your medical device with one of the components from this selection of endoscopic lamps and bulbs. Choose a new lamp to augment your office lighting setup and conduct examinations quickly and effectively.

High-Quality Construction
Use these reliable endoscopic light bulbs with your existing equipment for long-lasting illumination in the exam room. Halogen bulbs have the potential to last years without dimming, making them ideal for accurate internal examinations. Choose a lamp bulb for your fiber-optic handle to make diagnoses easier. Select a new 4.5-volt bulb for your HPX Lamp to brighten images and heighten the picture quality on your digital examination screen.

Versatile and Dependable
Stock up on compatible bulbs for your equipment to minimize equipment downtime and keep your patient schedule flowing smoothly. Pick out a brand new steel gooseneck lamp to illuminate your office exam table for a more effective examination lighting setup. Find the right bulb light for your disposable speculum illumination system or your rectal endoscope, or use a brand new halogen bulb to examine patients' ears via your otoscope.

Variable Bulb Types
Peruse the range of endoscopic bulbs to find the right component for your ophthalmoscope or your otoscope. A range of available bulb brands make it easy to source the right piece for your medical equipment. You can also purchase a selection of other exam room supplies to ensure you stay prepared at all times. Select a 3.5-volt bulb for your surgical endoscope and conduct your next procedure with confidence. Simply examine the bulb description to ensure the component fits your equipment, and purchase with confidence.

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