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Scrub Brushes

Use high-quality surgical dry scrub brushes to keep your nails clean at the office or at home. The brushes are made from durable nylon materials, so there's no need to worry about latex sensitivity. Made from the same materials as surgeons' brushes, these scrub brushes get the job done.

Durable Nylon Materials
With these durable nylon brushes, you can avoid the skin irritation often caused by latex brushes. Made from the same long-lasting materials as the brushes used by surgeons, these lightweight, latex-free surgical dry scrub brushes are reusable and strong enough to withstand many washes.

Flexible Bristles
Clean your hands without worry. Textured bristles nestled in durable materials are soft on skin and eliminate dirt and grime without stripping your skin of its moisture. Protect your fingernails or keep your manicure intact with soft nylon bristles designed to clean without irritation.

Comfortable Design
Never lose your grip again with comfortable, easy-to-use scrub brushes. Convenient block-shaped designs provide ample cleaning surfaces for your hands and nails. Ergonomic features such as side grooves and attached sponges make these scrub brushes easy to hold. The open-backed design easily drains water away and keeps these brushes from slipping out of your hands, even with vigorous scrubbing.

Clean Features
Keep your office or home washroom clean. Open-back scrub brushes channel water through to allow for fast drying and prevent any buildup of mold or mildew. The same surgical-grade materials used by doctors provide antimicrobial protection to help keep your office or home safe from germs. Scrub brushes with attached plush foam sponges build up soap suds that easily wash away even the most stubborn grime. Attached nail picks enhance cleaning performance by dislodging dirt from under fingernails for the most thorough cleaning action.

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